Latest Canned Food News

  • Why More Matters Now Than Ever Before

    8/25/2017 It’s Fruits & Veggies More Matters Month as well as Healthy Aging Month, and what better way to celebrate than to honor all of the great benefits canned foods can bring to the table.

  • $10 Meals In Minutes

    8/24/2017 Don't be strapped for time or money during back-to-school time. These $10 Meals In Minutes save you both, while still delivering on nutrition.

  • Family-Friendly Game-Day Dips

    8/22/2017 Is your family ready for game day? Diana K. Rice, RD, of "The Kids Cook Monday", shares ideas on how to involve kids in making nutritious, game-day dips and snacks to fuel the fun.

  • Combating Canned Food Myths

    8/17/2017 Many myths about nutrition, sodium, preservatives and BPA are out there, but the Canned Food Alliance separates fact from fiction.

  • Healthy Lunch, Happy Kids

    8/16/2017 It’s the most wonderful time of the year – back-to-school season! This is a critical time that kids should have lunches and snacks to keep them energized and primed for learning.

  • Surprising Facts About Peaches

    8/8/2017 Second-generation peach grower, Sarb Johl, shares some surprising facts about the peach – that delicious fruit that conjures up summertime flavors/memories all year round.

  • Fan Favorite Recipes from CFA Members

    8/3/2017 Easy-to-make, delicious fan favorite recipes from the members of the Canned Food Alliance.

  • Get More Nutrients for Your Money with Canned Foods

    7/17/2017 With benefits of nutrition, affordability and convenience, choosing canned foods help bring nutritious meals to the table easily.

  • Cook Like A Dad With Canned Ingredients

    7/7/2017 Food blogger RJ Jaramillo, of, shares his favorite baked beans recipe and other cookout tips in honor of National Grilling Month and National Baked Beans ...

  • Eat Fruits and Vegetables for Health's Sake

    7/5/2017 Lynne Mitchell MS, RD, LDN recently shared some thoughts on using canned, fresh, dried or frozen fruits & veggies to add more produce to your diet.

  • Go RED! With Canned Tomatoes

    6/26/2017 Alec Wasson of the Tomato Wellness Council shares why the tomato is a super food and why it offers so much goodness.

  • 5 Canned Foods to Fuel an Active Lifestyle

    6/21/2017 Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, is a leading Board Certified Sports Dietitian & Performance Coach. She shares her favorite go-to canned foods to help keep your body well-nourished ...

  • Empowering Kids In The Kitchen

    6/7/2017 Eric Meredith, Med, MS, RD, CHES, creator of Health Heroes Comics, shares his insights on how important it is to get kids involved in the kitchen at a young age to better understand ...

  • Menu Modeling Tool Kit

    6/6/2017 See the CFA's recent Menu Modeling Research come full circle with three menus to help Americans meet the Dietary Guidelines using canned foods.

  • Tips for Translating The Dietary Guidelines

    5/31/2017 In honor of MyPlate’s 6th birthday this June, CFA's Communications Manager offers advice on translating the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for consumers.

  • A "Fresh" Look Inside the Can

    5/11/2017 Alyson Fendrick, RD, encourages re-thinking what’s often thought of as a “whole food” as she takes a fresh look at canned food and the simple, time-honored process behind it.

  • Ten Key Items When Shopping For A Healthy Diet

    5/1/2017 Hope Danielson and Melanie Kluzek, RD's from Country Market, share how to maximize benefits of the entire grocery store when shopping healthy.

  • Surprisingly Easy And Cheap Ways To Eliminate Food Waste

    4/24/2017 Perhaps the easiest way to fight food waste: shopping in the canned food section at the supermarket.

  • 5 Earth-Day Friendly Steel Food Can Facts

    4/21/2017 Earth Day is the perfect time to proclaim the incredible sustainability story surrounding the steel food can.