About Us

​The Canned Food Alliance (CFA) is a consortium of co-ops, food processors, grower groups and affiliate members that have joined together to communicate the many benefits of canned foods, including nutrition, food safety, convenience, affordability, year-round availability, and sustainability. We are proud to promote the literal fruits and vegetables of family farmers’ labor from across our great land.

About Mealtime.org

Mealtime.org, the virtual hub for the Canned Food Alliance, is home to the web’s largest collection of canned food research, free and sharable resources, information about the canning process, family mealtime tips and recipes that use canned food.

Join Us: A Shout Out to Producers and Canned Food Manufacturers

Looking to get support from a like-minded coalition of co-ops, food processors, grower groups and other folks in the canned food industry? Interested in receiving the benefit of influencer and registered dietitian programs that reach your consumers via relevant, inspiring and nutrition-packed programs? Searching for the latest research? Then join us! We’d love to have you as a member of the Canned Food Alliance.

To receive information on our current program and membership, click here, or give us a shout:

Ginny Hair, Director, Canned Food Alliance

Please contact us with any questions, comments, requests or suggestions.


Apricot Producers of California
Del Monte Foods
Faribault Foods
Hirzel Canning Company
McCall Farms
Oregon Cherry Growers
Pacific Coast Producers
Pacific Northwest Canned Pears
Tomato Wellness Council