@Home Economics

With the current economic downturn leading us to get reacquainted with our kitchens, the time is right to revive what we may (or may not!) have learned in high school Home Economics class. The Canned Food Alliance (CFA) is calling for a new focus on kitchen basics that you can start applying today in your own kitchens: At-Home Economics.

A recent Rutgers University study published in the May issue of Forum for Family and Consumer Issues and commissioned by the CFA found that moms want and need a better grasp of kitchen basics.  When given an action plan for healthy meal prep, grocery shopping, kitchen organization and food storage practices, the study showed that moms made positive changes towards providing nourishing, great-tasting family meals.

To help make these proven action plans and basic, At-Home Economics skills available to everyone, everywhere, the CFA has partnered with Roberta L. Duyff, MS, RD, FADA, to develop the Essential Kitchen Toolkit, modeled after the successful action plans used in the Rutgers research.  By implementing these At-Home Economics fundamentals, you will find it easier to deliver healthful and affordable meals for your family.

Duyff also authored "Home Economics to Family and Consumer Sciences: Reinvented for Today's Consumer," a position paper endorsed by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences designed to serve as a resource and perspective on the return of At-Home Economics.

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