Getting Kids to Try New Foods

Everyone knows that getting children to try new foods is always a challenge. Mealtime offers kid recipes and these tips to help you and your child explore new foods.

  • Add adventure to family meals. Take field trips to the supermarket. Let your kids pick some new foods to try - in the canned food aisle, from the produce department and other parts of the store.

  • Get kids to try new foods by cutting them into fun shapes or by filling the plate with brightly colored foods. Creativity helps catch kids' eyes and may encourage them to try new, nutritious foods.

  • Young kids (3-5 years) can stir, wash and perhaps pour. They might even help with table setting.

  • School-age kids (6-10 years) can prepare easy recipes, such as salads or pizza, and set the table by themselves.

  • Young adolescents (11-14 years) can prepare many recipes on their own.

  • Get kids involved with cooking. They're more likely to eat foods they help prepare. Pick kitchen tasks that match their skills.

  • Try "sneaking in" vegetables. Add them into pasta sauces, soups and summer salads. Keep canned vegetables in your pantry to add quickly to mixed dishes.