Let the Adventures Begin

Turn meal preparation into a family affair!  Enlisting your kids' help with kitchen tasks makes prep work fun and fast. 

Follow these safety and fun tips from Mealtime.org:

Be a risk-taker... but not with your health.

Clean hands, clean cutting surfaces and proper food handling will help keep food safe to eat.

Plan your journey.

Let your child help decide the menu, shop for ingredients and assist you in the kitchen. When kids can take credit for helping, they will enjoy the meal more and may even try a new food or two.

Be a boredom buster

Recipes are more fun if you give your child only one or two food prep tasks at a time. Vary the tasks each time they help.  Kids learn new skills that way.

Dare to enjoy yourself in the kitchen.  

When you approach cooking as creative and fun-filled, your child won't think of food prep as a "chore."

Uncover your child's unique kitchen talents.  

An artsy child will enjoy arranging canned and fresh fruit on a tray while a math whiz quickly can calculate recipe adjustments.

For a real thrill, declare it "Kids Rule!" one night a week.  

Once kids have grasped basic cooking skills, put them in charge of planning and preparing the evening meal.

Jump-start kitchen clean up by breaking it into easy-to-do steps. 

Instead of nagging kids to "clean up the kitchen," give specific instructions such as "put the food in the refrigerator," "rinse off the cutting board," "wipe the counters," etc.  Better yet, write these down and post them on the refrigerator.