Skillet Shepherd's Pie Recipe Featured by The Toronto Sun

Skillet Shepherd's Pie - Canned Food Recipe

Celebration of Canned Food Month has reached beyond the border of the United States. Toronto Sun recently featured a Canned Food Alliance recipe for Skillet Shepherd's Pie to help kick off the month-long focus on all things canned food. Check out the full article by the Sun's award-winning journalist Rita DeMontis, the senior national Lifestyle and Food Editor for the Sun Media chain, a division of Postmedia Network. Here is a sample of what she wrote:

"You'd be surprised at how nutritional and fresh your food is from a can or freezer. Research shows these foods with good shelf life are nutritious, convenient, versatile – and available year-round. Not bad when we're looking at alarming prices for fresh - to the point you're thinking of taking out a line of credit just to pay for some fresh greens...Consider canned or frozen as the original convenience food - everything from asparagus, corn, peas, beans string beans to favourite fruits - you can enjoy eating without fainting at the checkout."

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