The Time is "Ripe" for Canned Food

Time is "Ripe" for Canned Food - Cold-Weather Dishes

Rich TavolettiRich Tavoletti, Executive Director
Canned Food Alliance

As the executive director of the Canned Food Alliance, it’s my job to tout the many benefits of canned food. As someone who enjoys celebrating life’s special moments with family and friends over a good meal, I appreciate the simplicity, nutrition and great taste canned ingredients afford year-round.

As we advance into fall and look ahead to the holidays there is no better time to incorporate canned ingredients into your meals and family celebrations. Consider:

  • Canned foods are picked and packed at peak ripeness and quality. Come fall and winter, many fruits and vegetables are not in season. With canned foods, you can be sure of reliable, great-tasting ingredients to make your meals and snacks top-notch year-round.
  • Fall and winter recipes are perfectly suited to canned ingredients. Chili, soup, casseroles, pasta dishes, and dips all are enlivened with the addition of canned fruits, vegetables, beans, seafood and lean meats. And don’t forget broths and stocks.
  • Canned foods are convenient and easy to use. How many of us have time to prepare a fresh pumpkin to make pumpkin pie? Or soak beans to make soup? Cans get you there quicker and easier, and often with the same, if not more, nutrition than fresh or frozen. Did you know canned pumpkin has three times more vitamin A than an equal amount of fresh pumpkin?
  • Commercial canning follows the same simple steps as home canners have for generations. Just as past generations “put up” the summer harvest to enjoy throughout the colder months, commercial canning follows those same steps to ensure we all can enjoy tomatoes, corn, peaches and other produce anytime.

For some cold weather recipe inspiration, we invite you to scroll through a sampling of quick, delicious and nutritious recipes from some of our members in the Recipes of the Month section of this newsletter. Happy eating!