Top Three Ways to Boost Nutrition with Canned Fruit

Three Ways to Boost Nutrition with Canned Food

Julie Harrington, RDBy Julie Harrington, RD
RDelicious Kitchen Blog

From the time we are born, we are drawn to the taste of sweet things. While our preference for intensely sweet flavors ebbs as we age, we all still crave a little sweetness in our diet. That’s okay, as long as we manage the lure of empty-calorie sugary foods and beverages and instead reach for nutrient-rich options more often.

One of my top bets for a convenient, nutritious sweet treat? Canned fruit. Picked at peak ripeness, canned fruit offers comparable nutrition to fresh with the added convenience of already being cleaned, peeled and chopped. And, because of their reliable taste year-round, you are always assured of the perfect amount of sweetness.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, check out my top three ways to boost your nutrition while satisfying your sweet tooth using simple, delicious canned fruit:


Go Bold: Canned fruit can add big flavor to fresh fish and other lean proteins when used as a salsa or when cooked down into a rich, sweet sauce. Incorporate fresh herbs or dried spices to bring out a balance of sweet and savory.


Go Trendy: Canned fruit adds moisture, flavor and extra vitamins to salads and sides made with protein and fiber-filled grains, such as quinoa, farro, and amaranth. They also make perfect additions to your morning smoothie bowl.


Go Retro: Never had cottage cheese with a side of sliced, canned peaches? You should try it. Or consider topping whole grain waffles with some of your favorite canned fruit in place of syrup for some extra vitamin C with your breakfast.

However you choose to enjoy them, canned fruit is a simple, delicious way to up your nutrient intake, while enjoying something sweet.