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According to our recent Health Professional Survey, just under two-thirds of Health Professionals who responded (60%-63%) agreed that canned foods are minimally processed, while around one-third (34%-36%) continue to believe that they require preservatives.

Given this and the growing interest in clean labels, we want to highlight the simple ingredients inside food cans and the straightforward canning process that takes food from the farm to the table.

Luckily, our members are here to help! Enjoy the following videos that showcase this simple process.

Pacific Northwest Canned Pears

Learn all about Pacific Northwest Canned Pears in this exciting video featuring the people who make sure you have the best canned pears every time. How do they taste? What's inside the can? Find out!


Pacific Coast Producers

Chris Ward, Fruit Cannery Plant Manager, goes over the operations of his Oroville, CA facility!


This video goes through the differences (and similarities) of home canning and industrial canning.


"Fresh as Fresh CAN Be" - Learn all about Pacific Coast Producers.



"Get Back To The Table" from Libby's.