Canned Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans
  • When the cost of preparation time is taken into consideration, canned pinto beans cost $1 less per serving as a source of protein and fiber than bagged dried beans.  This is because it takes about six minutes to prepare a can of pinto beans while it takes almost 2 1/2 hours (soaking and cooking) for bagged dried beans to be meal-ready.
  • Did you know canned beans are the only protein source that doubles as a fiber?  In fact, one serving of canned beans provides 20% or more of daily fiber needs.
  • Research shows draining and rinsing canned beans reduces sodium content per serving by 41%.  Draining alone resulted in a 36% sodium reduction.

Quick Tips for Using Canned Pinto Beans:

  • Top nachos with beans for added flavor and nutrition
  • Add a can of beans to your favorite chili or soup recipe, or to a fresh salad to boost flavor and nutrition.
  • Open, heat and serve! No soaking overnight or cooking for hours, since they're already cooked!

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