Soups de Jour!


It’s soup season! We’ve got something to get you through every week this winter with our eclectic soup collection. The cold winter months are perfect for nourishing bowls of steaming homemade soup. Making soup is an easy, inexpensive way to create a healthy meal without taking up a ton of your time, particularly when you rely on canned ingredients! Low-sodium canned broths/stocks can provide the canvass for an endless variety of delicious creations that incorporate canned seafood, vegetables, beans and more. Here are some of our favorites to get you through the cold!

  1. Santa Fe Chicken Soup
  2. Smoky Southwest Chicken And Wild Rice Soup
  3. Thai Coconut Chicken Soup
  4. Gazpacho
  5. 10-Minute Minestrone
  6. Chipotle Black Bean Chili
  7. Mexican Shrimp Stew
  8. Hearty Black Eyed Pea & Tomato Stew
  9. Turkey Gazpacho
  10. Green Chili Posole Soup
  11. Bistro Bean Soup
  12. Gingered Butternut Squash Soup
  13. Chinese Corn and Crab Soup
  14. Seafood Soup With Cilantro
  15. Italian Vegetable Chowder
  16. White Bean And Chicken Noodle Soup
  17. Tomato Vegetable Soup