Menu Modeling Tool Kit
Adults Eat Better With Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Adults Eat Better With Canned Fruits and Vegetables


The Canned Food Alliance (CFA) recently conducted a menu pattern and modeling analysis to help translate the Dietary Guidelines and show how making small shifts in dietary choices, including the addition of canned fruits, vegetables, beans, lean meats, and seafood, can increase overall vitamin and mineral intake. Specifically, the analysis looked at:

  • How simple shifts and adding convenient, nutritious canned ingredients to meals throughout the day can lead to increased consumption of key nutrients, particularly “nutrients of concern to public health” as identified in the DGA’s (such as vitamin D, calcium, fiber, and potassium) and remain within the dietary recommendations for calories, sodium and added sugar.
  • How canned ingredients easily fit into the three dietary patterns outlined in MyPlate: the U.S. Style Healthy Diet, the Healthy Mediterranean Diet, and the Healthy Vegetarian Diet.

Inside the Tool Kit:

Pattern-Specific Nutrient Boosts
  • The typical American diet falls short of several key nutrients – 10 of them to be exact – according to the Dietary Guidelines. Whether you follow a typical American, Mediterranean, or Vegetarian diet, we’ve got you covered! Click on each diet pattern for more specific ways to increase nutrients Americans are lacking.


View how the American-style eating pattern can boost nutrients easily with these tips, including an 83% increase in Magnesium with a simple and delicious fruit and yogurt snack.

Serving Up Nutrition

Healthy American-Style Eating


Learn how the Mediterranean-style eating pattern can become more nutritious with these tips, including a 53% increase in Calcium from a tasty tuna, spinach, and celery lunch.


Healthy Mediterranean-Style Eating


We didn’t forget about you, vegetarians! See how the vegetarian-style eating pattern can improve, with delicious suggestions for breakfast and dinner.

Healthy Vegetarian-Style Eating