Latest Canned Food News

  • Thinking Inside The Can, But Outside The Box

    6/4/2018 Seventy-five percent of Americans are not eating enough fruit and 87% aren’t eating enough vegetables. So what changes can we make?

  • Ten Key Items When Shopping For A Healthy Diet

    5/14/2018 Hope Danielson and Melanie Kluzek, RD's from Country Market, share how to maximize benefits of the entire grocery store when shopping healthy.

  • Healthy Inspirations For The Best Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

    4/30/2018 Registered Dietitian Sylvia E Klinger of Hispanic Food Communications offers four tips for how to make a Cinco de Mayo party fun and healthy.

  • Good Things Come In Steel Packages

    3/30/2018 Ginny Hair, Communications Specialist for Echo Communications, explains their partnership with the CFA and shares an Earth Day resource for all dietitians.

  • Don't Can The Can - Know The Facts!

    3/28/2018 Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN, Food & Nutrition Columnist, answers some common questions about canned foods.

  • Put Your Best Fork Forward

    3/19/2018 Diane Henderiks, RD, shares how to create meals that are healthier than takeout, but just as quick and easy in honor of National Nutrition Month®.

  • 4 Ways To Explore International Flavors

    3/1/2018 For National Nutrition Month®, Karman Meyer, RDN LDN, provides ways to "Go Further with Canned Foods" utilizing international flavors.

  • We Heart Canned Food! Tips for Eating for a Healthy Heart

    2/15/2018 Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, shares her favorite tips for enjoying heart-healthy canned foods.

  • 6 Reasons Canned Foods Fill My Pantry

    1/31/2018 In honor of National Canned Food Month, Kim Galeaz, RDN CD, shares six reasons why she relies on canned foods from the farm or ocean to your table.

  • Top 10 Mealtime Features Of 2017

    1/2/2018 The Canned Food Alliance rings in 2018 by looking back at our top features of 2017.

  • What's "In" This Season? Canned Food!

    12/6/2017 Roberta Duyff, MS, RD, discusses ways to ensure you are eating healthy this winter with always-in-season, nutritious and convenient canned ingredients that help get delicious ...

  • Canned Foods Help Boost Nutrition For Less

    11/28/2017 Research shows that many canned ingredients offer more nutrients for your money than their fresh, frozen or dried counterparts.

  • 4 Ways To Fuel With Canned Foods

    10/30/2017 Sports Dietitian and author of the blog Love & Zest, Kristina LaRue, RDN, CSSD, tells us ways to fuel your body with canned foods before the holiday madness begins.

  • Combating Canned Food Myths

    10/30/2017 Many myths about nutrition, sodium, preservatives and BPA are out there, but the Canned Food Alliance separates fact from fiction.

  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking With Canned Beans

    10/16/2017 From - what not to do when cooking with canned beans from an article on

  • Fall In Love With Aquafaba

    9/29/2017 Sharon Palmer, RDN, addresses the latest trend, “Aquafaba,” which uses the liquid in canned beans as a swap for eggs in baked goods.

  • Canned Food Storage

    9/25/2017 Proper food storage ensures that your food is safe, fresh and full of its naturally occurring nutrients. Use this guide to help you store food safely and decide what food to keep or ...

  • $10 Meals In Minutes

    8/24/2017 Don't be strapped for time or money during back-to-school time. These $10 Meals In Minutes save you both, while still delivering on nutrition.

  • Why More Matters Now Than Ever Before

    8/23/2017 It’s Fruits & Veggies More Matters Month as well as Healthy Aging Month, and what better way to celebrate than to honor all of the great benefits canned foods can bring to the table.

  • Family-Friendly Game-Day Dips

    8/22/2017 Is your family ready for game day? Diana K. Rice, RD, of "The Kids Cook Monday", shares ideas on how to involve kids in making nutritious, game-day dips and snacks to fuel the fun.