Essential Kitchen Toolkit

Back to basics guidelines for preparing convenient, nutritious meals.

Between going to work, taking the kids to practice, walking the dog and scheduling in everything else you have to do on any given day, "what's for dinner" is usually the last thing on your mind - at least at 5 o'clock. When you're so busy, the take-out menu may look tempting, but consider this: in the time it takes to order and pick up a take-out meal, you can put a delicious, healthful meal on the table. All it takes is a little kitchen organization and smart planning.

The CFA's Essential Kitchen Toolkit contains the ingredients to help make the most chaotic kitchen run smoother. From easy-to-read guides for organizing the kitchen to planning, preparing and serving healthful meals, the Essential Kitchen Toolkit is designed to help busy home cooks revive what they may (or may not!) have learned in their high school home economics class.

Here are a list of ingredients that can be found if you download the Essential Kitchen Toolkit now!

  • Introduction from Roberta Duyff
  • Kitchen Organization
  • Simple Steps to Make Your Work Centers Works for You
  • Perk Up the Pantry
  • Reorganize the Refrigerator and Freezer
  • Safe Food Storage
  • Stock Up on Nutrient-Rich Choices
  • Choose Canned
  • Can-Do in the Kitchen
  • Smart Meal Planning, Preparation and Shopping
  • Step 1: Plan Ahead
  • Using a Meal Planning Grid
  • Step 2: Shop Smart
  • How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label
  • Step 3: Get Ready to Cook
  • Step 4: Get Cooking
  • Step 5 and Step 6: Serve and Clean Up
  • Bring Your Family on Board
  • Save Green and Go Green in the Kitchen
  • Essential Kitchen Tools
  • The Kitchen Glossary
  • Meals in Minutes