Nutrition in the Aisles - Retail Dietitian Toolkit


We know you put a lot of thought and passion into the work you do, from addressing nutrition questions to offering easy recipes and healthy sampling. Here are some resources to make it easier for you to help consumers healthfully navigate the center aisles.

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How to Use the Toolkit

Organized by themes, this toolkit curates a host of resources, including talking points about the benefits of canned foods, ideas for tweets, plus tips and recipes which may provide inspiration for demos, blog content or media interviews.

Talking Point

Talking Points

Each theme kicks off with three talking points. These messages could also be useful for media interviews or writing a blog post.

Education Materials

Education Materials

Looking for additional resources? Each theme includes a related infographic from - home to numerous materials about canned foods’ many benefits.



You’ll also find ideas for quick and flavorful meals made with canned ingredients. These and many other recipes can be found on

Tweetable Tip

Tweetable Tips

Keep your followers engaged on Twitter with actionable tips included within.