Nutrition in the Aisles - Retail Dietitian Toolkit

Theme 6: From Farm to Table: The Simple Process Behind Canned Food

from the ground

Canned fruit, vegetables and beans start on the farm or in the orchard with farmers who plant the seeds and carefully tend the crops.

to harvest

Because most canned fruits and vegetables are packed within hours of harvest, they are picked at the peak of ripeness. That means nutrition is at its peak, too. And canning locks in that freshness and nutrition.

into the can

Dry beans can be canned year-round. Commercial canning follows the same method as home canning.

off to the store

After labels are added to share important nutrition and ingredient information, the finished cans are off to retailers across the country and around the world.

to your table

The variety of delicious, nutritious canned foods available year-round make it easy to prepare and enjoy healthy meals with farm-grown ingredients.

all in a safe and sustainable package

The steel can is the most recycled food package. After enjoying your favorite canned food, be sure to recycle the entire steel can (lids included) so it can be made into a new steel product. Now that is sustainability!

Commercial canning follows the same simple steps as home canning:

Canned Food Process

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