Just Add One

In 2010, NPD research suggested that using kitchen fundamentals and basic ingredients like canned foods was the number one food trend on the rise. All the while, moms continued to search the web and blogs for quick and easy meal solutions to solve the dinner time dilemma.

To help ease the stress of meal planning, budgeting, and managing busy schedules, the CFA created the concept of “Just Add One” – one canned ingredient, that is – to make healthier, tastier dishes faster. Whether it’s a homemade soup, salad, or mac and cheese, there is no need to learn an entirely new recipe. Consider calling on your mental cookbook and the pantry as an easy way for moms to increase nutrition, boost flavor, and even cut preparation time. Just adding one canned ingredient can make a go-to favorite even better without breaking the budget or your busy schedule.

Just Add One

To ensure that all of our “Just Add One” tips and tools included content that is useful for home cooks, the CFA shared “Just Add One” directly with consumers through an online recipe contest. Working with the popular recipe search site, Allrecipes.com, the CFA asked users how they added canned ingredients to their “go-to” recipes. Users shared hundreds of practical tips and recipe ideas that helped form the “Just Add One” campaign.

The “Just Add One” campaign offers this tool:

  • What’s For Dinner?: A tool for nutrition educators to help their constituents with developing an easy and affordable meal plan for their families.