Fruits, vegetables, beans and lean proteins are essential to any healthy diet; and when it comes to nutrition, all forms count. Always in-season canned fruits and vegetables make healthy eating easy and budget-friendly. And canned beans, fish and meat offer quick, affordable sources of protein and other important nutrients.

With no cleaning, chopping, seeding, peeling or soaking required, canned foods provide the ultimate convenience. Rely on them alone or combine with fresh or frozen foods for a tasty snack or meal anytime.
We call them “pantry heroes”…Americans just call them delicious.

Download a Fact Sheet PDF of these Pantry Heroes here.


Nutrition: Low in fat and cholesterol free, one-half cup of canned beans provides between 20-30% of the daily recommended amount of fiber, depending on the variety.

Value/Convenience: Canned beans are affordable and quick to prepare. Pinto beans, for example, cost $1 less per serving as a source of protein and fiber than bagged beans when cost of preparation time is considered. Already cooked in the can, they take just 6 minutes to be meal ready compared to 2.5 hours for dried beans.

Recipe Tip: Add a can of beans to your favorite chili or soup recipe, or to a fresh salad to boost flavor and nutrition.


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