When it comes to nutrition, all forms count. Canned, fresh, frozen, dried beans and seafood/meats and 100% juice all can provide essential nutrients that make up a healthy diet. Many canned foods are as nutritious, and sometimes even more nutritious than their fresh or frozen counterparts.


Picked at peak ripeness and canned within hours of harvest, canned fruits and vegetables are always in season and offer consistent quality and nutrition year-round.


Canned foods, like beans, chicken, tuna, fruits, vegetables, and low sodium soups and broth, cut down on the prep time necessary for creating delicious, nutritious meals – perfect for busy weeknights.


Canned foods are often more affordable than fresh or frozen and contain only a few simple ingredients (no preservatives required), making good nutrition accessible for everyone, regardless of budget.


Canned food is packed in the most recycled food container – the steel can – and helps minimize food and packaging waste.


canned food
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